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Hello once again people!

This is Mr. Darkness and today I would like to recommend myself as an admin for:

Gameserver: Counter-Strike: Source Surf server

Age: 16 years, 17 on 22nd March.

Country of origin: I came from Russia, but today (and for 3 more years, if not more) I live in Belgium, Brussels.

Link to SteamCommunity profile *: http://steamcommunit...m/id/misharoman

Link to XFire**: (dont use it)

Little something about yourself and why you think you are fit to be admin:

Well, so let me start. :)

You already know me as an old member of Mr. Green community (or how GrassHopper mentioned, Mr. Green old school) and tried all of the Mr. Green servers, with no expections. The only one, which reqiures more secure than any other servers (since others don't require admins any more, its quite ok on those :)) is CSS. I regulary play there and find many afkers and campers (even if someone can call me a camper, yes I do play with Scout Sniper, but my strategy is: If I miss 3 shots - I change my position, or either if I kill someone I change my position aswell). But that's not the only reason. The other reason is that usually when I come there are no admins (sorry, VMR :P) and we used to do an rtv all together, even when the map was great (goddamn afkers), while the rest were in jail.

Some people which play on this server for a long time know me and even asked me to be an admin, as for example Tribal :P. And thats just the same as I know all the players (expect some new ones or that came like not a long time ago to the server) which already play on the server for a long time.

Something I can add is that I tried my admin possibilities on a friend's server after it got closed (I was admin for like... 4 days or so, the server was unpopular, had a few players).

I give a big credit to Tribal and HeartBeats for pushing me to make this app!

Thank you for your attention,

Your's old school member,

Mr. Darkness!

P.S: Will keep my ass on IRC again. :|

P.S.2: Won't be enabled from mondays - thursdays to make you know. Fridays - sundays are worth my time.

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Offtopic: Why did you move to Brussels? Just curious.

Well there are actually many reasons :)

First of all its currently a bad economy in Russia, everything is too expensive (Cheap, meh) comparing to Europe;

I am tired of those (to be really honest) annoying teachers, which dont know patience (here our Russian teachers are much clever, really, its easier to study (and actually somehow harder));

Then what to say? Friends! I met people that have a good ehaviour (not like those D&G bossy idiots all over the schools);

And ofcource, Internetz is much, much better here!

Also comparing to Moscow, the air is more clean, less cars (GOD at last no monster traffics!!!) and most of people (excluding Arabs) are nice.

Offtopic: Why did you move to Brussels? Just curious.

The motherland couldn't stand him anymore :P


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