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Moderators with /blocker

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I wanted people to know so I figured this is worth it's own topic.


tl;dr: new /blocker command for mods so that players can't block anymore

New rules for mods:Use /blocker name for a blocker in NTS and RACE to mark him as a blocker. You can see online blockers with /blockers.Use /k <player> <reason > for killing exploiters/campers/runaways/bugged only.DO NOT USE ANY OF THESE COMMANDS FOR REVENGE OR INSULTING, you will lose your mod and get a ban.Kills and blockers are logged to prevent abuse.Warn people before killing them, better to make them learn than to kill them 50 times.

Current Mod list:

Race: [sGA]H!J@CK, [sGA]pingeris, [siK]Danubio, AMG, BinSlayer, DOOZYJude, F1Madkiller, YourCousin, Flipper, TheMoroccanGuy, Nitronica, [siK]p0w3rful, Personalizado, Stroth, xpr0legendx


Mix: jededo, [DoN]wonas, [sGA]H!J@CK, [sGA]pingeris, [siK]Danubio, TheMoroccanGuy, AMG, BinSlayer, F1Madkiller, YourCousin, Flipper, ?, [siK]p0w3rful, Personalizado, Rami, Stig, POWERMOOSECOCK, Stroth, xpr0legendx


We're adding a new command /blocker to punish blockers in NTS and Sprint (race server). Mods and admins will have access to /blocker and can use it to mark a player as a blocker for a period of time.

Mods can also use /blockers to see who's marked as a blocker.


When a player is marked as a blocker, his collisions are removed on other clients except for himself and other blockers. They will appear as in ghostmode and have [bLOCKER] behind their name.


But SDK, isn't that an advantage?! Free gm for blocking!

No, the blocker basically has 0 weight and can't push you but will still be pushed around, he only has disadvantages.

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updated mods
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Guest AleksCore

Ban isn't a good solution, because we will lose players online. If you ban blocker - he'll come back later (or no) and will do the same. This new command is pretty nice solution/therapy against/for blockers. Also it is quite fun

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Lol that's kinda weird and overdone. I've always said kicking a blocker is the best option as they have to make an effort to join the server again plus right now they lose their playtime which is a better motivation not to block.

Using the new command makes it IMPOSSIBLE to block.

Better safe than sorry.

A kick only makes people not blocking while an admin is online.

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I still don't get the point of this,what if you just warn them and kill them so they will never do it again?


And if they do,they get a ban,that would be the best thing to do against blockers ...

Help so u don't have to keep killing blocker, just mark him blocked and done.

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For those who say that command would be pointless and you can kick them, what if you're driving normally and you're thinking 'daaamn, I'm going so well, I can make top here', and then you get blocked by a random player who is bored and he has no things to do. Now imagine the same situation, but that player is marked as a blocker, then you're driving normally and with the idea of making top, you see that player blocking whole way and then, he gets pushed without causing you any problem to keep driving straight. Won't that solve most of our problems? Or do you guys, want to be blocked, then insult that player, kick him, and think 'I've kicked him, f*ck off him' and be happy since you've kicked him.. but, wouldn't you be happier if you would made a top and avoided that blocker? That script is really helpful, at least I think that because kicking/banning a player to satisfy yourself is pointless while you would made a top and be more satisfied.

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