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mr.reese admin application


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Gameserver: mix
Age: 22
Country: Hungary
Ingame name: mr.reese

I am mr.reese, an active player on mix server. I think it's time to make my application. 

I visit forum every day more than once. I'd really like to help players as an admin and enforce the rules. I think i'll be fair with everyone and equal with everyone include my friends and teammates. 

I hope that you will find me proper to admin tasks.
Sincerely: mr.reese

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Ok then don't make me admin. I'm not racist. I just hate that people who are from India or South america or Asia or Antarctic and join to a europe server to DESTROY other european players' gaming experience with their huge ping. I think there are a lots of asian, american and african server to play there

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Okay i accept your opinions. I need to say something about this. I'm not racist. I said that due to the  fact that India is far from the server and i was angry because of the lag and not because he from India. It wasn't personal. I don't hate BOSS or Shaky or anyone from a far country, i just hate the lag what caused by these players.  I'm sorry if i offended someone it wasn't personal. 

Anyway i was drunk when i made this application but i decided to keep it because why not but i didn't take it seriously. I know about myself i wouldn't be a good admin. 

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