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behe's Moderator Application


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Gameserver: Mix/Race (I'm active on both servers)

Age: 19

Country of origin: Brazil

Link to Steam Community profile *: ArcturusNoire

Discord name **: It's 'Behemoth' written in Unicode ;D

Ingame name: behemoth

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

Firstly, good evening or whatever the time is in your place at the moment. My name is Vinicius, 19, born in the Southern part of Brazil. Already lived in other countries where I eventually learnt from different cultures, languages and ways of life. Uruguay, Ireland and Portugal. Open-minded, brought back home all those concepts of a certain society in each country and some things I've seen and thought good enough to put into practice in my personal life. I'm Bassist (who plays an instrument similar to the electric guitar but with thicker strings). Been learning Music since 2009. Although it's a thing I love to do it's unfortunately not what I do for a living. Studied Graphics Design for a year, and now I'm going to start a Computer Science Bachelor. My hobbies are gaming, skateboarding, playing the bass, and sometimes the guitar.

It was in December 1st, 2014, that first Mr. Green's had seen behe playing on server. Race, which was my first contact with our community, in that age my name was Grizzly, I've been changing my in-game name till I've gotten fine with my current one. I played for some days on Race server when I found out that the server had Shooter mode! I got really delighted with that Shooter script, is an unique type of SH that you can't see in other servers. So my journey on Mix server had started, been here since then. Nowadays I'm more active on Race server, though I still switch to Mix to play some DM, Reach The Flag and Shooter.

So, I think I am capable of doing this role, mainly because we need some order on chat, plus being agile to execute the punishments, agility when someone is timed out and/or bugged (happens regularly on Mix, I always had to tell admins to make them see that something was going wrong), someone who is insulting directly and offensively someone, and/or using caps, (cliché, but I notice this rule is not taken seriously). Runners in SH, - someone who runs away from fighting in SH arena means camping - camping is not allowed, as well as in Destruction Derby.


A good administrator or moderator is not only that one who mutes or bans, kills or marks. But also the one who is there to make the server a better place for all of us, by greeting new players, helping them to use the forum, giving hints to play better, instructing  commands, the panel, to configure his/her game. Someone who wants not only to see things working, but a grand future as well.



That's it pals, I now briefly thank this community for being part of my life! Cheers :) 

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