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JansseJr Moderator Application


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Gameserver: Race and Mix ( mainly Mix )

Age: 16 ( almost 17 in 2 months )

Country of origin: :nl:

Link to Steam Community profile *: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198389574552/

Discord name **:  JansseJr (JansseJr#7074)

Ingame name:  Janssen / JansseJr

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be moderator: 

well hello there guys, i am Roel i am 16 years old i life in the Netherlands, and next year i am going to learn gardening.  i like the German Language. and in the past 12 years i liked everything about speedway, i went to alot of circuits and my dream is to going to England for the WOS ( World of Shale in mildenhall or skegness  ) WC ( World Championship in Foxhall Ipswich ). and in the near future i hope i can start my own business with Gardening, and i am a little mechanic to.

i think the most players know my history in mrgreen, but i think i am grown up enough for a chance to be moderator.

and how i benefit for Moderator: 

welcome new players, if they got questions i try to help. keep the chat clean if someone spams / insults. if someone camps / runs first give 1 warning if the player still camps / runs kill him because its not fair for the players that play fairly. and be fairly to everyone ( friend or not friend )


Sincerly Janssen


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Just now, clement1012 said:

I don't provoke he insults me everytime with no sanctions

I had a private word with him about and enougth of this good luck Roel

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45 minutes ago, sweetsandy said:

If Stig has kept his admin for so long and MAD just became one, I wouldn't be surprised if Napoleon got to be the manager of mix. 

So I don't see any reason not to promote Jans. Good luck.

Thank you Sandy

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