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AssNtitties Admin Application xd


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Gameserver: Mix

Age: 18

Country of origin: Poland

Link to Steam Community profile *: http://steamcommunity.com/id/-assntitties-/

Discord name **: AssNtitties

Ingame name: AssNtitties...

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

Hello im Ass (my real name is normal) I Would like to be admin on this such a beatiful server with peace and harmony but why the fuck u ask? I find the current administration unproffesional: for example when u ask admin to give a bmx he dont always give u it or ignore or give something else, and I will give myself bmx bikes and other players too, especially on CTF mode beacuase I dont help team anyway and prefer dont helping team jumping on my bmx like other admins! If thats not enough to be admin i dont know what more i can write.


Here are the screenshot of the unproffesinality of the admins, some fucking stairs, what im supposed to do with this? (nick censored to not make this admin problems, i myself think he is great admin and sexy)


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Thank you all my friend for support, i was a little absent due to my fapcations away from home...:wacko:

And seeing this application not closed and not declined yet i wanted to add few things which would make this app a little more serious and add more sense.. as anyone noticed at first this wasnt serious at all.

So starting from beginning... If i have even a small chance of becoming a moderator i will say now why i would like to have a chance.

Since not small percentage of the server community is Polish and many Polish players randomly joining everyday and many of them likes to make a mess but since there is currently no a single admin who can speak Polish language so they just ignore them and they dont get any punishment which makes other normal players who speak this language feel uncomfortable (reporting them to admin who dont speak this language takes some time and causes problems and mistakes), so i would take care of them straight away and help the polish part of community of the Mix server.

Please consider this what i wrote above instead of my first post which wasnt serious app...hope someone actually will bother to read thiss

Peace once again :rolleyes:

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