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Gameserver: mix

Age: 18

Country of origin: India

Link to Steam Community profile *: nope

Discord name **: H!TMAN#9640

Ingame name: ~H!TM@N~

Little something about yourself and why you think you're fit to be admin:

Well, my name is Naveen. I am 18 and I live in Delhi. I am doing The Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science from Amity University. I love coding and have perfection in some programming languages and still on learning more. I love to play badminton and work on Arduino usually.

However, I started playing on server from 2015 but left in 2016. in 2018, I again come online. Everyone knows me in server. I usually give 2 to 3 hrs to this server daily and I try to be polite to everyone otherwise I am sarcastic (only with people I know otherwise not). I usually try to help out new people on server.

Reason to be a moderator: I want to be moderator because whenever I join in morning, I usually don’t find any admin or moderator to be on. There are a lot spammers and blockers and jerk people on server. Just to teach them a lesson so that they won’t break the rules of server I want to be moderator. I will try to give my best.



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27 minutes ago, GuiZada said:

As laca said + u r always afk nd annoying ( for me )  but anyways Good luck !




39 minutes ago, NutRawr said:

gl hitting man 🤣




2 hours ago, Laca said:

I dont think there is many players in morning, when you said, there is lot of spammers/blockers etc, in the morning its dead here

well i wont explain you and ty

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