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SH tournament


Entry Fee  

22 members have voted

  1. 1. Shall the entry fee be:

    • 10,000 GCs
    • 10 euros
    • Another amount of GCs
    • 5 euros entry fee
    • 5,000 GCs

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I am willing to do SH only tournament for those who are interested, but I had few dounts about some things so I would need everyone who is interested to vote in the above poll please. 

Here is how the tournament would work:

Players would get points depending on their rank in the map. For example:

1st 10 points

2nd 9 points

3rd 8 points 

4th 7 points 

5th 6 points

6th 5 points

7th 4 points

8th 3 points

9th 2 points 

10th 1 point

To make it more fair, each kill you make you will get 7 points for it. 

All participants will join at the same time and date, I will announce it 1 week at least before time so everyone can empty his schedule for it. 

There will be total 10 SH maps to be played. 

The reward/prizes:

  • In case of 10 euros entry fee:
  1. 1st 100 euros
  2. 2nd 50 euros
  3. 3rd 25 euros
  4. 4th 10,000 GCs


  • In case of 5 euros entry fee: 
  1. 1st 40 euros
  2. 2nd 20 euros
  3. 3rd 10 euros
  4. 4th 5,000 GCs


  • In case of 10,000 GCs entry fee:
  1. 1st 50,000 GCs 
  2. 2nd 25,000 GCs
  3. 3rd 20,000 GCs
  4. 4th 15,000 GCs


  • In case of 5,000 GCs entry fee:
  1. 1st 25,000 GCs
  2. 2nd 13,00 GCs
  3. 3rd 9,000 GCs
  4. 4th 7,000 GCs

Rewards are subject to change, in case the poll votes are different.

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4 minutes ago, KneeLzy said:

If there would be enough players who would like to play from money then 5Euros fine as first time 😝

I edited the topic and the poll 

1 minute ago, Ulasxd said:

5 Euro means 40 TL amk lol


Do it free to enter

Sorry, its either money or GCs

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There is no enough demand on this tournament. If nothing by end of this week (16th March). I will just lock it. I was expecting 35 users or more to vote, but currently we don't have enough demand. 

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