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Mix Clan War tournament #3

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Mix Clan War #3

Hello and welcome everyone to the third clan war in Mr. Green Gaming. 

Just little reminder of the rules and requirements but always feel free to ask!

Lets start with the requirements:

Every clan who are willing to join, they must follow two simple rules: 

1- To join the clan war, you need 5 members of your clan members to join. Same 5 members will be joining all the time, (New: You can add 5 more members of your clan as an backup, in case players couldn't come, the other 5 can replace them).

2- There will be 2,000 GCs deducted from your account. So for each clan, 20,000 GCs. You can ask for another clan member to pay for you. 

The prize: 

The winning team will receive 15,000 GCs each member. So a total of 150,000 GCs on the 10 players participating. Also a rank on forums saying under their name that they have won Mr. Green third clan war tournament. 

Second clan will earn 10,000 GCs each member.

Third clan will earn 7,500 GCs each member. 

How will it work? 

After you guys register to the tournament. You will receive a forum PM on forums or Discord from Cena (me) and Kali with all necessary information. We have a 2nd mix server with a password which will be changed frequently (for clan members, PLEASE do not share the password with anyone when you receive a password) which ONLY participating clan members will feel free to join.

But how to register? 

Only clan owners can register. They need to make a post below mentioning their clan name. Their ingame name and their clan members who will be participating (4 others maximum and 5 extra).

How will a clan get qualified?

We will RANDOMLY choose teams to fit in a "draw". Each 2 clans will be fighting each other without the interference of ANY other community member. There will be NTS, RTF, SH and DD. Each one of them will be played 3 full rounds. Also totally random maps will be played. 

For NTS: 1st player receive 5 points for the team, 2nd player receive 4 points for the team, 3rd player receive 3 points for the team, 4th player receive 2 points for the team and 5th receive 1 point. The rest receive nothing. 

For SH and DD: 1st player receive 5 point for the team. 2nd player receive 3 points for the team and 3rd player receive 1 point for the team.

For RTF: Player who reach the flag first, will earn his team 5 points.

In case both clans got exact same amount of points. There will be totally random map (could be any mode) which will be give us the final results. 

The deadline will be at 15 July. After 15 July I will NOT accept any clan requests to join.

For the players who are not participating. They won't be allowed to join the server. However, we will be broadcasting live in YouTube everything happening in the server, so you can feel free to watch whats happening through YouTube. Also the video will be uploaded in the channel after the clan war is done, so you can watch it at anytime you want. Don't forget to subscribe  ;)


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13 minutes ago, ChickenAttack said:

When will the games actually be played friday saturday etc when?


Also why no CTF?

It will be played Friday Saturday and Sunday of each week. 

Because CTF sucks 

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28 minutes ago, ChickenAttack said:

Oh well, I thought reason CTF wasn't in previous CWs was cuz it couldn't be programmed properly for CW or something

It is that too, I would need Kali to fix it, but not priority atm.

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