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Any ideas?


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Any simple good idea for an event that I can do for you guys? Try to think widely and more open about ideas. If I see good ideas I will try to do them, but make them also as simple as possible, but ofc also enjoyable and fun for everyone! 

To be clear, events can vary widely and rewards can be stuff like GCs, VIP and even DLC rewards for steam...etc

Also keep in mind GC/VIP rewards events, players would need to pay GCs fees to enter the event, unless the GCs/VIP reward is very small amount, then anyone can join without a fee.

If you guys want DLC rewards or something similar, to join the event in that case, there should be a fee which is paid by donations (for example 2 euros to join the event) and winners earn DLCs...etc

If you can improve other people ideas also do it!

Let you friends know about this topic and post their opinions, more opinions the better as I can combine ideas as well. 👍

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1 minute ago, race said:

MrGreen NTS Championship 2019 ( or 2020 for next year if this year not possible anymore )

5 races ( average 4 - 9 minute maps )

5 Satherday's

Everyone can participate

First place 10p Second 9p Third 8p 4th 7p 5th 6p 6th 5p 7th 4p 8th 3p 9th 2p 10th 1p.

Reward idk.



This is very similar to this: 


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14 hours ago, Mekuar said:

Daily missions.


Win 15 rounds in NTS - 500 GC
Kill 30 players in SH - 500 GC
Kill 15 players in DD - 500 GC
Get 10 flags in CTF - 250 GC 


We already have daily and weekly missions on the to do list, but they will take long since Kali is busy with other things as well. Idk how I can manage that manually either :S

Its a good idea and we already have it on our list, but think of something different that can be done fast or done manually by me. 

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4 hours ago, Cena said:

Want a SH tournament? 




registration fee :- 1000gc


there will be 10 maps 


3 high jump

3 with jump marker 

3 normal map 

1 random map 


10 players will play at a time 


minimum 7 players needed to play at a time 




1st :- 20,000gcs and 4 days vip 


2nd:- 10,000gcs and 2 days vip 


3rd:- 5,000 gcs








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