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DON'T upload more HARD dm maps PLEASE

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I'd like to talk abut RTF maps. I don't really understand why map managers allow hard dm maps to upload.... Mr.green mix server is the only server where u can play NTS, NTS-DD, fun SH maps and nice CTF fights what makes the server unique. A lot of players like me love to play here because of this, but there are some guys who just download hard dm maps from other servers and upload them to mr.green mix. Why we need this? 
You could say that: "OMG you are just too noob because u can't finish it and that's why u cry" NO, because we don't want to practice these kind of maps because we come here to play FUN gamemodes like nts, ntsdd, sh, ctf, and easy or medium level rtf maps which is fun to play... 

Admins please control map managers work, because they upload a lot of hard dm maps (maps what players didn't make, they just download from the internet and upload them) which is totally opposite of the MIX server identity.  

Thank you

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So i guess you're trying to say that Mr.green needs to preserve a certain standard that is compelling to a large audience

Not just the needs of specific people. So using that argument long nts maps (5+ minutes) would also in my opinion have to be removed due to the very few amount of people that enjoy them. My observations have shown that little people like them, same as with the harder dm maps.

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Mr.Green mix server originally a NTS server, so it's obvious there are long NTS maps like Marathon and journey andreas. I have to admit it could be annoying if you play it 3 times in a row because it's about 20 minutes for 1 map. I think it would be better if voters could choose play again once not twice. Also, long nts maps aren't played as often as hard dm maps. You get these kind of maps almost every round. Furthermore, what's the point of upload maps what mix players download from the internet? My conviction is they just upload them because they know how to play the map and to make tops.
I'm just trying to say that, there are several good DM servers but we have got 1 and only NTS server. (nts, ntsdd) It's okay to have some hard maps, but it goes to a bad way in my opinion.

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