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Green Earth DLC: Trollbox Islands [INTERACTIVE]


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I hope this won't fuck up like the last one.

What does that INTERACTIVE mean?

It means that you decide the actions of the main character.


Eat the radio and drink the blood, then search the room for supplies.


The characters actions are decided by the idea that the users like the most, or in case of a tie by EmRA himself.


It has been one year since the conflict that cost 98% of Chinarobb's population, and thousands of other soldier and civilian casualities. Green Earth has been rarely peaceful after that, until now..

Shoutbox Island's communications have mysteriously been cut off. Rumors have been that something inhuman is moving in there.

Others say it's failed military experiment, others say that it's pies coming to revenge for what we have done to their kind.

Whatever it is, it is not happy.


You are pvt. Joseph De Hundr

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Mmm nice Idea Emra,but you should suggest some choices for the story,otherwise it will be randomly taken and it will die. It's like the" Game where you're the hero".

You should do like that:

1)You Enter in the house and look for weapons

2) You destroy the house with C4

3) You climb on a tree and use your goggles to spy the windows.

These are just examples, you should do that if you want to let this topic alive for a long time ;)

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Everything counter me :<

Stuff, atmosphere, pc luck, Homework luck, Clavus (lol, looking forward at that one), My internet...

its becuse you double post. post random stuff thats not related to the thread and you say if you press the edit button everything goes away then THINK when your writing a post.

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