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MrGreen Test Event

It's been a long time but it's finally time for an event! We have created an event server specifically used for events. This server has access to all maps from both race and mix! In this server you'll have access to your Green account, you'll earn GreenCoins, and can improve all your toptimes!

To test the performance, settings, and resources of this server I'll be hosting a test event:


Time: Saturday 28th of August @ 19:00 CEST

Server: mtasa://event.mrgreengaming.com:22003 (will be online shortly before event starts)


All players can submit up to 3 maps they want to see played during this event. Depending on the amount of submissions I will choose all 3 maps, 2 maps or only 1 map of your submission. You can place your submission in the comments but please follow the following draft:

Ingame Name: 

  1. Map 1: map name (gamemode) 
  2. Map 2: map name (gamemode) 
  3. Map 3: map name (gamemode) 


Due to this event being a test event there will not be any prizes. I hope to see lots of submissions and lots of players ingame once the event begins!

This is the new era of events @ MrGreen

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