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TAMAM and MazharK-TR behaving like an animal


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  1. Your ingame name: V4POR
  2. The player's name who you are reporting: TAMAM and MazharK-TR
  3. Which server are you requesting this? MTA Race
  4. The reason why this player should get banned: insulting in Turkish, insulting my country , spamming the chat in Turkish, constantly making fun of me

Like I've said, I'm not a fan of reporting someone, but my patience is limited still. If I can get muted/banned for "provoking staff" or insulting a rammer, then the things these guys have said shouldn't be allowed, too.

Firstly, I warned TAMAM about his unstable ping, because it ruined my race twice, then suddenly he started to say disgusting things towards me. (I would not like to translate most these lines.)




He and his friend or idk who, MazharK-TR spammed the chat with Turkish text, I warned them to speak English at least.

They didn't give a single fuck, and continued talking shit in Turkish. (While I got warned immediately when I spoke Hungarian. And we are not finding this racism, huh?)


I do not report (mainly) him, because he insulted me, but he made embarassing and offensive comments about my family members and my country, too which I find untolerable, and this fact led me to report him.

I got enough by this guy, because like 2 years ago, I got muted for 1 week because him, just because he provoked and annoyed me. Now this time I was a bit smarter, and decided to make the system deal with him instead.

He is one of the dirtiest people I've ever met online. The screenshots explained this well. I think we should stay away from players like him who throw insults on personal grounds constantly.

I really not want to be racist, because I know that these players don't represent the given country. But the fact that the other Turkish player laughed at his untolerable comments and showing him respect is very distressing. Looks like this behavior is somewhat normal in this country's online community... (the proofs are the older reports on the forum.)

The fact that this guy is actually 30 (he told his age several times) is also sad, because it seems like he has serious problems in his head, and he entertains himself online with these comments that make any normal person stay away from him.

A player named Remp told me an advice that I should ignore him, but you simply can't ignore when he throws disgusting comments towards you.

CONCLUSION: Normally, I found the mute/ban option an overused command (because I saw players being punished for the most little reasons sometimes), but actually these functions were invented to prevent players like him, who doesn't know limit of behaving like a normal human being. Also, these kind of comments can actually harm players mentally or verbally, so I didn't make this report for fun.

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