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Req Free Dziny From Punishent



I once said what it means take off the penalty already explained

Topic 1 Remove Killdziny.lua

I'm done running away in SH DD from now on I want to stop running away from players in SH DD And I want to have a rule again I swear I won't run away from everyone anymore in SH DD I'd like to play again Shooter and Derby

Topic 2 Remove 100 Years Mute

Unmute DzinyMaster In mta sa

Topic 3 I was banned by console

Notching did why am I banned in mrgreen server I want to get unban immediately

I like to be unbanned earlier

Topic 4 Asking

please remove killdziny.lua I will not run away from you

nick026 want back to shooter and derby now

Topic 5 F1MADKILLER tells me what to do

F1MADKILLER Let him not tell me what to do because I'm not his boss, what to do to me, but he calls me as little kid age

Topic 6 apologized

Ciken he knew I apologized dubby in discord and he banned me from discord I said I already apologized dubby for doing that Emote sob in every channels

Topic 7 Remove Punishent

I already told Nick026 Disable killdziny.lua on one condition and broke the contract


End Topic

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