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Best game of all time?

The Lazy Peon

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Without Half-Life, there wouldn't be CS, TF2, DoD etc. It still has the best gameplay for me compared to other games. What's also so great about Half-Life is that there are no boring 'sit & stare' cutscenes, everything happens in 'real-time' in front of you.

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there are no most awesome games, everyone has a different taste. Besides looking at awards, Half-Life wins


I don't want to choose one, Half-life is epic.

But I also love the Thief series, and why is there no one talking about Bethesda??!

Oh yeah this is all valve server and MTA.

But bethesda has some good games too, think about : fallout,Oblivion,Morrowind.

I also think age of empires is awesome too.

Anyway, I just love the games from Valve and Bethesda those two companies are Great!

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