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You're new names.

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Bored? What do you mean, Im bored?

If your name is not in the list the reason is one of the following:

A ) You werent in IRC when I made this

B ) You werent active in forums today

C ) I didnt remember your name

Here are you're new names:

Ywa = Yankee Whiskey

Mayco = Mike Charlie

Clavus = Charlie Victor

Botervloot = Bravo Victor

BouewV = Bravo Victor

BlueYoshi = Bravo Yankee

Corby = Charlie Bravo

CyriusG = Charlie Golf

CarPileUp = Charlie Uniform

ChikenNugget = Charlie November

Danni = Delta November

Damien = Delta Mike

Deluvas = Delta Victor

DeathbyCrowbar = Delta Charlie

EmRa = Echo Romeo

Error = Echo Oscar

Fadenoir = Foxtrot November

Firehawk = Foxtrot Hotel

Hundred2 = Hotel Romeo

Lemon = Lima Mike

Lukkie = Lima Kilo

Mr.Darkness = Mike Delta

Messy = Mike Sierra

Norbo = Mike Bravo

Notte = November Tango

Nobana = November Bravo

NPhect = November Papa

Njittie = November Juliet

Prismaa = Papa Mike

Pufulet = Papa Foxtrot

QTesla = Quebec Tango

Redgord = Romeo Gold

Retard = Romeo Tango

RoboRobb = Romeo Bravo

SDK = Sierra Kilo

Skynet = Sierra November

Stalker-Dude = Sierra Delta

Sneed = Sierra Echo

Toaster = Tango Echo

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