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Ywa's Day

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Hey, today...Well no, not exactly today but in 17 minutes GMT +1 that will be Ywa's birthday, so here you can wish him an happy birthday and/or give him a present (or both, maybe that's better :V ).Let's make this more official...

Ahem...So today is the 18th year of existence on earth of one of the community's fathers, Mr Ywa (that I pornounce Eewa and not Aiwa )( I guess that 97% of you doesn't read my shitty comments, I bet you've not even seen the subtility in one of the previous words in my parenthesis) who leaded/is leading few projects for our community.

My present will be...err... Well I made a little tf2 poop of 16 seconds in which you could hear EEWA IZ SPAI, but that s*cked so much that I abandonned it.So basically, yeah, I have no good present at all (I deserve to be whipped over 9000 times).I also thought about making another community project but I did not have time/I wasn't motivated/I preferred sleeping (select one of the answers).There is a thing I can do, if you want free games tell me which one and I'll see if I find my legit keys (don't ask for recent games, I mean I can only get games that are 2-3 years old or more, and you'll have to download the game, all I have are legit keys, got them from magazines).

Even with my little crazy random spam on the IRC that caused my kick, and propably unforeseen consequences, I wish you a big happy burzday(lucky you, you can drink and go to night clubs). :gmod:

no I won't give you legit keez for pornz, dream my little.

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Happy Birthday, Ywa! :mr-green:

Time to ask Twink again.


Yah? =D

Hey, Twink! Would you like to go to the star spirits and ask them to do their sparkling stuff? It will grant my wish that Ywa will live many fun, cool, happy years. ^_^

Of course I will do that! And I told them your prediction that Ywa will get a girlfriend before the 20th of April of 2011. =D

Great! He has done so much for us, and is still doing so much for us.. you know, Twink, in fact, there wouldn't even be 'us' if it wasn't for Ywa... can you believe that? If it wasn't for Ywa I would probably be on the Super Mario 64 GameFAQs boards right now, dwelming between those assholes. Thanks to Ywa, I am now part of the greatest community ever!

Yea, totally! =D

If it wasn't for Mr. Green, maybe I would have never touched The Orange Box. I wouldn't be playing TF2 and MTA: SA, or I'd do it on a boring crappy server with boring crappy people!

Sure! =D

I'd just be listening to Cormega. Now I'm listening Cormega and posting this. That's a big difference! If it wasn't for Ywa...

OKAY! =D You can stop now! =D If you are gonna say all the great things that Ywa has made true, then when we finish this post his birthday is over already.

You are right. Good journey, Twink!

Sure! Your wish will come true! ^^

Thanks. My present for Ywa, he will recieve it this year somewhere (I'll just be fair, because if I say 'this month', my lazyness will disappoint you). :mr-green:

Ywa, you are the best! :mr-green:

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