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Another Message for everyone!

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Hey Guys,

As you all know, me and Sneed are very keen to let you guys know how much we love the community!

Today, i add to that. But not in a normal way:

Behold, as the Under-Dogs of Mr.Green take the lime light!


These are only a few of the un-sung heroes who hold the community together like super sticky glue. (If you feel you havnt been noted, then for god sake message me on Steam, or on the CC profile!)

What the?

We couldn't resist it, so please enjoy this lovingly crafted comic strip.








1. I made the screenshot alone this time- go me?

2.The screenshot, as always, is not a full vision of the community. Please oh PLEASE message me if you feel you havn't been mentioned

3.Yes, the comic is very rough. We made it quickly.

4. Ywa likes Java script

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