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Gmod contest! Edition 11: "There is no I in Team"


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This gmod posing contest is about teamwork, either by making a picture of soldiers kicking hostile ass or kicking ass at the boring construction work with a buddy.

Make a good pose in Gmod showing some kickass/heartwarming teamwork.

So make a pic about two soldiers blowing up shit together or two citizens escaping a combine prison together (these are just examples, make something up)

The Prizes. heavy risk, but the priiiiiiiiiize.

First place recieves 750 GC.

Second place recieves 300 GC.

Third place recieces 150 GC.

(Yes the prizes have been authorized by Clavus)

The Rules.

You can.

  • Use photoshop
  • Use custom content
  • Make it a comic ( 3 pictures MAX ), it needs to be good though.
You cannot/may not.
  • make sexjokes/poses
  • make "community" jokes, no random names of members above the guys in your picture.
  • Vote your own picture, this will disqualify you.

Contest ends at 27 February, then the voting starts, 2 days after the voting the contest will end and the winners will be chosen.

Good luck!

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