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Happy birthday british man !

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Hey people, in exactly 37 minutes(+1h for GMT dudes) our beloved Error401(or Ewwow, or Darkstar...) will turn 19 !

Don't make a fuss about the fact this topic is slightly too early, that was for copyright purposes (as always, hum...).

So, yeah, our (inter)national brit' deserves one more awesome birthday topic, and as always I invite everyone to wish him an happy birthday and offer him a little something ! :)

On my side I'll offer ya my tutored project, as I promised once, but that'll only be on the afternoon (I'm busy with this during the morning), I'll have to check some little things and see if it runs on Windows (else you'll have to get Linux, muehehe :V ).

And if it won't run, I'll make some cool posing or something :P

Happy birthday !

Failedit : Late Forum time is late |<

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The Birth Of The Nocturnal Fairy:

In a cozy small city, centre of UK

A star was born in a old dark farm

The temperature is a bit like today

Cuz the old dark farm wasn't cold but warm

But it was nighttime in Northampton

The electricity fucked up quite

They called it ERROR 401

And that is how they named the star who wasn't born in light

But later on in ERROR's quest

To save the Green world from evil guys

They noticed ERROR was among the best

And he's really really nice

So he became a star quite soon I must say

And although it was dark while he was born

He always been a light-star, so happy birthday

And now you should watch PO..........kémon.

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Congratulations with your 19th birthday. Since you're such a cheapfag. I'm willing to fully pay for your plane ticket to Amsterdam with the next Mr. Green LAN (as long as it's reasonably priced, lol). And on top of that, I'll pay for a domainname of your choice (.com/.co.uk are fine) to add up to your current website.

- the oh so weird but kind Ywa

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Chiken - Thanks once again for making my birthday topic :) <3

Corby - Youre a whore who didnt post your happy birthday message first. But <3. (And I dont see one here, I am dissapoint)

Pancake - Eat it fatty.

Clavus - Bitch. But thanks anyway. Doing the surprise for mayco I hope.

BouweV - Once AGAIN. Thanks :P

Mayco - Thank you my brother in purple.

BlueYoshi - Your posts always make my mind just go all over the walls, and I loved that TF2 video. I'd say its an accurate description of me on Badlands.

VMR - You are a babe, but this is already known <3

Ywa - Many thanks kind sir, I will take you up on the offer when a date for the lan is sorted.

Dusty - It's always a pleasure to be of help, and I wasn't actually counting the drinks, I may have to now though :>

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Happy birthday.

I remember when you were just a SA on Garry's Mod and you were making a film with Cowchucker about Infected Wars. I asked you "How'd you get that shotgun?" when you were a Bones and you introduced the achievement system. It was on that map with the lighttower or whatever.

Good times..

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