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Battlefield 3 Server - Monthly Donation Pledge


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Several people are interested in having our own Battlefield 3 server, but there's one requirement: I'll need more donations. A 64-player BF3 server (we wouldn't want to settle for less would we?) costs 70 euros per month at i3D.net. I can't bring this up by myself, alongside the cost of our Fenrir server.

So before totally throwing this option out of the window, I figured I'd ask the community if they're willing to pledge monthly donations for a server like this. I'd be happy if at least 75% of the cost could be covered by community donations (meaning at least 52 euros). If you're interested just reply in this topic with how much you'd be willing to donate monthly if we'd set up a BF3 server. Let's see how it goes.

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Maybe you could do something similar to the TF2 server, with the upgrades you can buy if possible, but advertise this server more on YouTube and stuff, it'd only need like 1 video, then people might see it and join the community and donate to it? Ill probably donate a few times after christmas when I have more disposable money, just to help out haha. I'd certainly regularly donate if I were to play bf3 but I dont think I will for a few months probably..

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It won't be very moddable beyond several settings DICE offers. I can't offer any donation perks, although your voice will be heard if you don't like the mapcycle etc.

Also, if you're interested in donating, please tell how much you're willing to donate monthly so I know how far we can get.

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