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What was your first action game?

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Hello, this topic was created to share with us your first action game from your life. If you dont mind, I will start with me B). Back to back a long time ago (2003), before hell knocked the door for me, I've met my first action game, called Onimusha.

Onimusha is a Japanese-American game that shows the story of a warrior that will try to rescue the a princess called Yuki,Princess Yuki, but the world is full of demons and they will stop Samanoske (Main Character) to rescue the Princess Yuki. It's a game for PlayStation 2, I gotta say I loved playng the game with my Portuguese-Japonese ninja skills and swinging my sword to the demon's head or being raped by japonese fast demons(behold the Japonese Fagsties! :D),the game is very beautifull if you like calm-gore Japonese experiences. And no, I didnt get nightmares from this, I just loved it.

Here is the trailer:

PS: Don't forget to put yours!

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How can ppl remember that lol

But mine, not counting flash games, (cuz i wont even remember their names) was probably Gran Turismo on PS2, Gothic 3 or San Andreas but less likely.

Maybe even before them some fighting games on automats in shopping center like Tekken, but not sure.

Ooor Deluxe Ski Jump on school computer :D

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