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To make it easier for us to keep track of suggestion and bug reports we'll have one topic where you can post your suggestions and/or problems for the servers. In return we'll be posting here about the changes done to the servers.


Most will probably come here to complain about the new hud, my suggestion is try it out for a week. If you still don't like it after that disable the new hud with /hud 0 and the radar with /sradar 0 (or try out another hud with /sphud 1).


There was also an update to the car paint shader and an update to some vehicle models (sandking, ...), hydra is now colourable for instance. Credit to Shortcat for the suggestion.




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Nice work SDK the HUD looks sleek.


What are your thoughts on expanding F2 into a 'lobby'? Is it too mainstream for MrGreen?


Also, what about implementing bets on our servers? (Lotto, Bets, Flip-a-GC .. casinos :V  )

We already suggested the lobby/bar thing but all we got ignored,

the lotto thing will be quite good actually,like /flip <amountofgcs> /gamble /spin and much more..

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SDK the HUD is great I would just love to see some minor tweaks. Here they are (for race server) :

-downscale the Checkpoint/Position/Time text a little please. It's sort of too big and I'm just running 1366x768. I imagine it's fine on full HD though but a tweak here would be great.

-I see the order is Checkpoint - Position - Time . This sort of sucks. Because first thing I want to see (as a player) is my Position. So this should be first. Followed up by the Checkpoint and then Time. Even more awesome would it be to distinguish the texts by either making one of them a bit bigger than the other or by coloring them differently. 


My 2 cents. Bye.

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I would like to request that the new HUD feature a small arrow (a picture drawn via dxDrawImage) and this arrow would be placed in the right side of the screen I think. This arrow would indicate the next checkpoint (by being rotated towards the checkpoint). It would basically just point at it and this is helpful where you just don't know where to go.

Use this function https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/GetScreenRotationFromWorldPosition

It's extremely easy to make and I think it'll be a good addition to the new HUD.


I would want to make this myself but since I am not a developer I can't do anything about it. Thanks.

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Race server changes, 8 people or more to make a top Stupid, Only being able to replay map 3 times instead of 4 Stupid. A lot of changes recently do not make server any better, taking things away that we have and are used to is the wrong direction to take server. As for as i no nobody was asking for these changes. While things we do ask for are never given. I do appreciate the hard work that SDK does i just think that it should be adding stuff not taking it away.

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Those changes were because I ported over the mix mode for the new HUD to the race server with it's improvements (and new limitations). I forgot about those so I'll have to change these again, min players for tops on race doesnt make sense.


E: If there are other changes that weren't supposed to happen please tell me


For now you can bind the /ignore command if you don't want to retype it, I only have two hands to do everything

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There are more weird problems happening in the race server. Some maps will not let you re-spawn, one map today at a cp  spawn turned us into Flash(car) when it should have turned into a rc car which would not have mattered if it wasn't a small area to get through. Also one of the maps that you drive underwater just killed everyone for 20 minutes.

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