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Kings of Mix "KoM|"


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Terms/Rules and Recruitment


When you're either a member or a recruit of KoM clan on MrGreenGaming - MIX server, you agree with the rules & terms.

  • Basic rules; do not insult, spam, teamkill...
  • You're aware of wearing only KoM tag and do not clan jump. Clan jumpers will be kicked from main team.
  • Don't block other players, we don't want to be seen as a bad clan.
  • Members must be active, that doesn't mean you have to be playing everyday ingame; if you haven't been active for 5 months without any specified reason you will be automatically kicked from the clan.
  • Main language of the clan is English, whoever wants to talk with anyone else in particular in another language, use private chat (F3).
  • Any questions about the clan and other problems, should be discussed on main KoM thread to let members/leaders understand what's happening.
  • If you want to leave the clan, you must talk about it with any leader or manager. (GoldbergChickenbuttneox.) If you're not using the tag, we'll assume you're already out from the clan.
  • Any infringement of the rules will be used against you and those could affect your reputation and end up being kicked. 


Member recruitment

If you're interested into joining our clan, please, complete the application form shown below.

  • In-game nickname:
  • Age:
  • Country of origin:
  • How long have you been playing on MrGreen:
  • Past MIX clans (if you've ever been in one):
  • Tell us why do you want to join our clan:
  • Screenshot of your stats (F10 ingame)

Applications will be revised by leaders/managers and they will pick up new members.


The KoM team.



Active members:     (24)



Name:       Join date:     Country:

Goldberg - 04/28-2014 Sweden.gif


Accident - 04/28-2014 Sweden.gif


neox - 12/15-2015 Spain.png


/////AMG - 05/10-2014 Spain.png


Zuikis - 10/20-2015 flagga5.jpg


wonas - 10/20-2015 Spain.png


Dubstep - 04/28-2014 ladda_ned.jpg


Eazy-e - 12/15-2014 ladda_ned.jpg


jededo - 11/25-2015 ladda_ned.jpg


[email protected][email protected] - 04/28-2014 ladda_ned.png


r0ck - 11/23-2015 flagga17.png


InterFace - 12/13-2015 ladda_ned_1.png


Chrisser - 04/18-2015 flagga10.png


Sandro - 05/11-2015 ladda_ned_2.png


#Flap - 12/16-2015 ladda_ned.jpg


Stanley - 07/01-2015 ladda_ned.jpg


ThEsYs - 09/05-2016 flag22.png


Camper - 11/27-2016 flag.jpg


Shaky - 02/09-2017 flagga1.png


Anton - 02/20-2017 flag.jpg


Kohl - 02/21-2017 flag.jpg


Maher - 04/01-2017 flagga16.png


NEMO - 06/22-2017 flag.png


Jap - 01/07-2018 flagga11.png



On hold members:     (2)


Borz (Jordan) flagga2.png


Hybrid (Poland) ladda_ned.jpg



Kicked players and former members:    (34)



Henry_Pwned (Estonia) ladda_ned_4.png


Aluna (Lithuania) flagga5.jpg


Leny (Poland) ladda_ned.jpg


MrMatrix (Sweden) flagga9.gif


EdoCadovski (Croatia) ladda_ned_5.png


Mantas (Lithuania) flagga5.jpg


Ruff (Estonia) ladda_ned_4.png


Boyka (Romania) flag22.png


OrdinaryLove (Poland) ladda_ned.jpg


Crash (Turkey) ladda_ned_1.png


J.R (Netherlands) flagga11.png


DaniJ&G (Venezuela) flagga12.png


MasTTer# (Ecuador) flagga13.png


Hunk/Personalizado (Mexico) flagga14.png


GrannySweet (Estonia) ladda_ned_4.png


Nixe (Turkey) ladda_ned_1.png


Saxaza (Finland) flagga15.gif


Xzibit (Poland) ladda_ned.jpg


Flipper (Croatia) ladda_ned_5.png


Mihawk_ (Germany) flagga10.png


Rami (Saudi Arabia) saudiarabiens_flagga.png


Satanist (Brazil) flagga1.png


F1MADKILLER (United Kingdom) ladda_ned_3.png


Matiasz (Poland) ladda_ned.jpg


~Danizz (Italy) flag.gif


YourCousin (Portugal) ladda_ned_7.png


Waco (Slovakia) ladda_ned_6.png


SiberasLT (Lithuania) flagga5.jpg


Renegade (Italy) flag.gif


Kneelz (Lithuania) flagga5.jpg


Cena (United Arab Emirates) flagga3.png


behemoth (Brazil) flagga1.png


Stig (Kuwait) flagga4.png


Akeno (Turkey)  ladda_ned_1.png


Edited by Goldberg
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  • 3 weeks later...

I also wanted to make one, I hadn't anything else to do so I made this.. I think we should also make our own logo, what do ya say guys?



Looks like Neox has been a bit of a theif off Bernie Ecclestone :) still looks nice that one neox all thou i am not KoM i do admit CnT needs that

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I agree with Cena, great work guys! <3

I also wanted to make one, I hadn't anything else to do so I made this.. I think we should also make our own logo, what do ya say guys?



Yea a logo would be perfect! Since i'm totally retarded when it comes to pc's i would me more than happy if some of you guys made it!

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  • 4 weeks later...

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