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(MTA) {Megas Moderator Application} [2016]


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Gameserver: MrGreen RACE (can go to mix if needed though)

Age: 19 (today)

Country of origin: Bulgaria

Languages able to communicate in: Bulgarian, English, A bit Russian (with RU friends mainly, idk it perfectly as the other 2 languages I mentioned)

Link to Steam Community profile or Minecraft name *: None & None

Real Name **: Симеон Михайлов (Simeon Mihailov) aka Мони=Moni

Ingame name: Current (and one I'm sticking with most times) : KR|Megas, others : koragg, K.I.T.T., [uDka]DJMix, MegasXLR, KR|Masha - all locked

Playtime: I join the server every day for a few hours (even whole afternoons ;p) and most the time I'm active in-game. So I'd say that I play between 2 and 8 hours each day, ofcourse sometimes I may not join at all because of exams or something more important than MTA but I try to be active. Forums wise, I join every day to see what's new. I'm 24/7 on IRC by the name of Megaz. If you can't reach me in-game (PMed me but I didn't answer for a long time) it means that I'm AFK. Join IRC and PM me there for your problem, my phone is always with me and I'll reply asap, unless I'm sleeping...

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: Most of you already know me as I've been playing on MrGreen since the end of 2014. I've made lots of friends etc. I know that some players and myself had some trouble a few months ago, you can search around and read everything if you weren't around then. More than 6 months ago I was a moderator but got my rights taken away because I was abusing them. At first I denied but now I clearly see that everybody was correct back then. That was my first confrontation with any kind of admin rights...and I screwed up big time. All I'm asking for is a second chance, if I screw it up too, don't even consider accepting me again but atleast let me prove that I'm not the same person as before anymore. I've gotten more experience over these past months, got to know everyone a lot better and this time I know the difference between RAM and BLOCK (although not admitting it, I clearly didn't before).

I know almost all the players personally and they know me. I'm applying for moderator because lots of times when I'm playing, there's no admin or mod online or if there is, he's AFK. And we can't always want MIX staff to come fix our problems. Thank you for reading my application, see you all in-game :)

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It was a big surprise for me (and other players too) when I realized that Megas wasn't an admin.


I mean, everytime I needed help with commands or so, I was atended by Megas (and Jack, mi amor) so quickly and that's why I though all the time my Masha was a mod.


And for sure, RACE server needs a moderator (Jack almost does all of the job alone) when in MIX server there's always 3 or 4 mods/admins, and I think Megas is the best to do that.


So my opinion is a big YES. ;)

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