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GreenCoins Lottery

Hello everyone and welcome to the first Mr. Green GreenCoins lottery. This is a very simple idea in which I have thought off and I believe a lot would enjoy it. 

What is GreenCoins Lottery?

GreenCoins lottery is a very basic and simple lottery and the reward would be GreenCoins as it says. 

How does it work? 

All what you have to do is donate any amount you would like. Then your name will be in our list in which we will pick up randomly 1 winner by the end of this month (30 Nov 2017). According to the amount you have donated, it will be x2 what you get. 

For example, if you donate 5 euros (5,000 GCs). Those 5,000 GCs will be x2 which is 10,000 GCs. 

ALSO, you can choose someone else to share this win, so if you win the 10,000 GCs.  You can choose another player to get the exact same amount of GCs (The 10,000).

How to join this lottery?

Please when you make a donation after this topic have been posted. Make a post in this topic saying "I have donated". It will help us to add you to the lottery easier.

If you have any question, please feel free to ask and we would be happy to answer you. Please note: This is an experimental idea. We are testing it out for this first week. If it worked fine, we will be doing more and better rewards!


Edit: The lottery is on till 1st of Dec. (Added 1 more day)

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Just now, Goldberg said:

So where do i donate? Is there any steps i gotta follow or how does it work?

Just donate normally. For example, if you will donate now 5 euros. You will get your 5k GCs normally as it always works. Then you have entered the lottery! (Just keep in mind to let us know than you have donated by posting!) No need to mention how much you have donated tho

Donate here: http://mrgreengaming.com/greencoins.php

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Just now, Sandro said:

What about players that donated years ago 

These won't count. We will be hopefully doing a lottery weekly. Depends, if this lottery went as planned. If it did, we will be doing more weekly lotteries and much better prices.

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10 minutes ago, MADKILLER said:

Can't donate till next week wages are not in till next Friday ):

You and some others requested to extend the lottery till 1 Dec. Therefore, this topic will be locked on 1st of Dec. Good luck everyone! :) 

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23 minutes ago, JansseJr said:

i hate such events. because i cannot enter


Just now, JansseJr said:

no. i mean this lottery its useless for non-donors. this is racistic agaist people that cant donate...

Ah I got confused between this and the Christmas MTA event xD Anyway,  this is a lottery and it is a start up. As mentioned, it is an "experimental idea". We will do more events and lottery in the future to make everyone possible to join.  

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2 hours ago, Cena said:

You and some others requested to extend the lottery till 1 Dec. Therefore, this topic will be locked on 1st of Dec. Good luck everyone! :) 


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