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BF: Bad Company 2


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So, are you waiting it?

I hope its gona be at least as good as the first one, and it probably will be. We'll see hows the new Destruction 2.0 in real life.

And finally some video footage of the singleplayer released, they say its a 10 hour experience. At least the maps look awesome!

E: Video link fix'd.

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Me and Squirrel have the BF BC2 multiplayer Beta (Thanks to him) And its pretty awesome.

I lurve mowing down d00ds with the tanks :awesome:

US guy: Oh no, my tank is almost destroyed, I don't want die! *US guy leaves his tank*

Me:(russians) NINJA TANKSTEAL!! *Hundred repairs the tank and goes gunner*

*I drive to a spot where the US are bottlenecked on a road*

*We rape the shit out of the US with their tank*

*We both end up with 5000+ points*

The end.

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Fuck yeah, of course I am waiting for it!

Especially when I'm getting this for free because my little brother is even more exited than I am :lol:

..Now I just need to show him the pre-order bonuses...

EDIT: Oh cool, he changed his mind. He better change his mind back or I won't get any pre-orderer bonuses :o

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We need servers on this one :awesome:

But I've read something that they have dedicated servers, but not like TF2.

From what I've read so far, you'll be able to RENT dedicated servers. I fear the server binaries won't be public.

If that's the case, we probably won't take a BFBC2 server unless there's a lot of interest from the community, and the price isn't too stupid.

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From what I've read so far, you'll be able to RENT dedicated servers. I fear the server binaries won't be public.

Yea, thats what DICE has said so far I think.

Only thing Im worried about that should I buy this for PC or X360?


+I dont have to worry that will it lagg etc.

+Few of my good friends are getting it for X360

-It would maybe be better on my PC, I have Quad core processor and my video card doesnt suck?



+I could play with all you(?)

+Better on PC, read from above

+Dedicated servers



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