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I'm gonna tell you a bedtime story, people... so you can dream about it all you can!

Back in the day, when the internet was slower,

Hacks weren't made, chances of viruses were lower

Everyday, Ywa the Genius got older

That is to say, as he became the game-beholder

Ywa had to struggle for a little bit of change

He found a talking animal, which was a little strange

The talking animal was Wise Owl ClavusElite

He asked Ywa the Genius "Whatchu doin' on the street?

"Listen", Clavus continued "I have money for you

You can earn it if you can give me directions to the Zoo."

Ywa said "It's just across the street, what are you, blind?"

The owl said "Thank you, that was very kind."

Ywa wasn't patient and he asked "Where is my money?"

ClavusElite laughed and said "See that is kinda funny...

I'm just a freaking owl, I don't have anything.

So thanks for your directions, I'm going on the wing."

Ywa ran after the owl and said "Not so fast, kid!"

Then he wondered... maybe he should just lay off the Acid.

"My mind is playing tricks on me, maybe I should go to my place."

He picked a pocket or two on his way home, just in case.

Between his nice bedroom set, he was on the internet

He was quite upset because he was unable to forget

that his dad once said: "I gave you a TV set

but I bet I'll regret it cuz I'm already in debt

Please son, don't be worthless, I hope you will succeed

Each one, of these words, are important guaranteed."

Ywa was very sad, he wants his dairy dad

to be proud of what he had, so Ywa used his head

and he came with an idea, because games were all he needed

to fame and to be a rich man and so he proceeded.

"I'm gonna start right away", making servers till today

And soon he became rich enough to pay his dad's array

Ywa was very handy, when it came to planting trees.

And so he used his nickname, in the games, "Mister Green".

ClavusElite passed the window of the young rich child.

The owl looked down on the kid and he smiled.

Because of his proud, or because of his greed?

And will Ywa the Genius succeed to his accede?

The next chapter tells about politeness and spite but despite

the excitement I'm wishing all of you a time of delight...

Good night!

I know it sucks ass, and that it doesn't make sense, but anyone can um... make the next 'chapter' of the story... in a rap of course.

And so, Mr. Green became the source of Ywa's cash,

But Ywa was afraid that one day the servers might crash,

And he didn't want to see all his money burn to ash

But when he thought of trash in his cache, he got a flash

And then Ywa remembered the Wise Owl ClavusElite

But the last time he saw him he was in another street.

And so Ywa the Genius jumped right up from his seat,

But before he went searching he wanted something to eat.

And so he took a hike because he didn't like his bike,

But that was bad cuz he felt like doing a hunger strike.

And on the way he tripped over a rock and landed low.

But when he wanted to get up again someone said "Yo!"

And Ywa thought he heard ClavusElite the Owl or so,

But all he saw where two huge buffalo-winged piping crows.

And one of em said "Yo, are you Ywa the Mastermind?"

But before he could answer them they said "Well, nevermind,

And so um yeah, my man here's Death By Crow Bar and I'm Kraay,

But even though we're rare we'd like to help you, little guy!"

"And what do I need help with?" asked Ywa a little shy,

But unlike he expected they suddenly shouted "Spy!"

And Ywa turned around to catch the bastard stab his back,

But when he looked around him real quick he didn't see jack.

And Death By Crow Bar said "Yo, nucka, superior skill!"

But Ywa wasn't laughing like the birds, but dressed to kill.

And then he got his gun out his pocket and it went still.

But Ywa changed his temper when one of the crows said "Chill!"

And then he whispered to his friend "Yo, Crow Bar, this is bad!

But yeah, Mayco the Duck already warned us Ywa's mad.

And that we make him happy if we helped him with his trouble

But it's gonna be hard to invade his personal bubble!"

And Ywa asked "I don't know how you want to make amends,

But I really don't need no help when it comes to girlfriends.

And I'd appreciate if you shut up about that subject,

But if you wanna help me with Mr. Green, that'd be perfect!"

And so Ywa the Genius and crow Kraay started working

But Death By Crow Bar found it boring and he started shirking.

And Crow Bar would feel really really bad about it later,

But then he thought "Man, fuck it, being member would be greater!"

And everyone didn't believe two birds would make it better,

But Mayco the Duck and Clavus the Owl were both real sweaters.

And while this might seem like the story ended, that's not right.

But chapter 3 will come sooner or later just stay tight.

Good night!

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Loved it :P

Epic writing! how long were you writing it?

Nice job by the way!

About 30 minutes... The story makes no sense because I focused more about rhyming instead of storytelling. In fact, after 15 minutes I only had the first line. :P I really had no idea what to tell about. But thanks for the compliments. :mr-green:

EDIT: No, it took longer, lol. I admit I searched some words in a Rhyming dictionary, like 'dairy' and 'accede'. I barely know what those words mean.

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Back to annoy you with another crappy rap. QTesla inspired me, but he is way better. ^_^

The second chapter is in the first post. You might notice that it's totally different than the first chapter. It has a more regular rhytm (Brenda's Got A Baby-style) and everytime one line begins with "And" and the next line with "But".

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Mr.greens time everybody get down,

on yo' pc chair to claim that zs crown,

don't need a tan no need to be brown cos,

It's summer time now, no time for the babes

Gotta kill this last zombies, throw those last grenades,

I'm so pro I don't see why I don't get paid but Imma

Ignore the texts, collecting on my phone, gotta,

concentrate on gettin' in the zone.

Slightly distracted, girls with water, blocking all the view,

Close down the tab, it aint no good for you, cos

the summer time is here, and we won't give it back

and when there's summer there is time for rap

You betta get back to gaming or you gonna get a a wack!

Friends sayin' you need a vacation

And I think I should get it

Just gotta think what place I wanna visit,

But when I get back I'll come back for you,

to slay all the zombies from my bedroom.

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