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What is your last dream, and your best dream?


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Say here what you dreamed of last night. And causes?

If you don't remember, talk about another classic dream.

I dreamed that Gyro Gearloose made a very cool script for MTA. In the map PsychoAlfa the Kadabra used PsyBeam. And then we were time-traveling.

Causes: Making MTA Maps + Reading Donald Duck + Playing Pokémon SoulSilver.

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Today was quite regular.

Really dark atmosphere, an industrial-looking little town, if you may. So anyway it was sort of a zombie invasion and it was me and a couple of other people still alive. I can't remember much anymore. I remember losing one of our guys in a burning house. It was also quite impossible to get a hold of a submachine gun (probably MP5). There were lots on a wall but I couldn't reach them. So I ended up departed from the crew, travelling the dark alleyways with a desert eagle and zombies roaming everywhere. I recall barely managing to fight myself through, but it was somehow peaceful - the zombies weren't fast.

Sort of a sequel to my dream the night before but as this is a "last dream" thread, I will not get into that one.

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I had a weird dream about driving my 50cc bike to the USA, like it's possible to drive more than 5000miles a day on a moped. But I was like driving, and then a forward flashback (dont know how that's called) and I was in another state.

It was quite nice, it was like mr beans holliday.

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In my last dream i was flying in an airplane and then i broke the window with a hammer and jumped from the airplane o.o

Also my best and most realistic dream i ever had was about me riding a T-Rex causing major chaos over New york...I can even remember that my T-Rex devoured a man ...


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Really strange dream last night.

I was walking down a street close to my home and heard someone shouting "Heil Hitler".

I thought WTF?

I walked further and saw a group of Hitler Youth kids which suddenly turned and looked at me.

I started running away and then I woke up.

The whole sky was like the GTA San Andreas interior sky, just a little bit darker:



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Oh this is about sleeping dreams. Not dreams.

10 points!!!

I rarely remember my dreams. Last dream i remember... Well i was in minecraft (the guy), i was on rollercoaster (rails with minecart) and it rails ended to chunk-missing-hole-thing and i dropped to there, falled like 2 minutes, hitted something, waked up, and dropped from bed.

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In my last dream, all I can remember is raving to drum and bass. Who knows why.

School computers sucks shit, but maybe you like that shitty rave music? :V

I like it, it's not my favourite but I remember telling a friend that it's ok to rave, no-one will judge them on it.


My dreams are amazing, also, I never have a really long dream, it's always the 'shorts' like I feel I'll get 5 minutes watching the same thing and it'll just switch to something completely irrelevant.

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