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Minecraft - FACTION WARS


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So I finally installed Bukkit and decided we need to spice things up a little for our 10th world.

Siege_warfare_by_wanbao.jpg(Totally realistic interpretation of how awesome it'll be)

Read about the plugin (how shit works / commands):


Relations, Territory and War

The factions on the server have relations to each other. They can be ally, neutral or enemy. You choose your wished relation to another faction through a chat command.

* If both factions wishes ally you will be allies.

* If one faction wishes enemy you will be enemies.

You can never hurt members or allies (friendly fire is always off).

You can not hurt neutrals in their own territory.

You can always hurt enemies and players without faction.

Damage from enemies are reduced by 50% in your own territory.

Only faction members can build and destroy in their own territory. Usage of the following items is also restricted: Door, Chest, Furnace and Dispenser. Make sure to put pressure plates in front of doors for your guest visitors. Otherwise they can’t get through. You can also use this to create member only areas. As dispensers are protected you can create traps without worrying about those arrows getting stolen.

Every player has “power”. The power can at most be 10 and at least be -10. If you die you loose 2 power. The power will be restored over time. It takes 5 min for 1 power to be restored. Note that it doesn’t matter at all how you die. You can be killed by an enemy or drown in sand. In either case you will loose 2 power.

The power of a faction is the sum of all member power. Every power grants the faction right to claim one land/chunk. You can claim land from a faction if it has to low power.

For example:

A faction with two healthy players, MrApe and MrCow, had a faction named SuperAnimals. The faction SuperAnimals had 20 power. This was because the members had 10 power each and 10+10 is 20. They claimed as much territory as they could (20 minecraft chunks that is). Then MrApe went and drowned in lava. As MrApe died he lost 2 power. After that he had only 8 / 10 power and the faction SuperAnimals had 18 power as 8 + 10 = 18. At this time SuperAnimals had more land than they could handle (20/18). Then their enemy Bulldozer took the chance to claim some of their land. He managed to claim 2 chunks at the border of their territory. Then he could not claim more as SuperAnimals now had (18/18) land.

Note that if you claim land from another faction you must start at the border of their territory.

To make a few things clear:

* Everyone can create a faction, which is either open or closed (meaning invite-only)

* The faction creator is the faction admin, which can promote other players to mods

* So factions are pretty much like Steam groups

* Using various commands you can claim territory and set your relation with other factions

* On claimed territory, only your faction can build / destroy blocks and active doors / open chests / etc. No griefing from non-faction members possible!

* On our server, the damage modifier in your own terrain is 0.25, meaning you'll take 25% less damage if you're on your faction terrain.

* Each player has 8 power MAX. Meaning you can claim up to 8 chunks for your faction.

* Each time a player dies, he loses 2 power. If the cumulative power of all the faction members is less than the amount of chunks they claimed, other factions can steal terrain from you.

* I suggest you just read the plugin website, which also explains the commands.

SimpleServer is no longer running on our server this time around. Also there is NO WHITELIST and NO BLOCK RESTRICTIONS.

Only the !motd and !who command are still there, thanks to another plugin.

The server will start at 19:00 GMT TONIGHT.

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Note how this will affect player relations on the server, and the way you build things.

Building a fort is now actually functional since it'll protect you from hostile factions. Dying means your faction loses power, opening up the opportunity for other factions to steal parts of your territory if you're not careful!

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i'm little worried about lag... when me any my friends had war in LAN the game started lagging when we fired arrows or fought with sword... hopefully it doesn't happen in here.

btw what GMT is that? did you take it from forum time?

Its GMT +0 or UK time.

Anyway, this could be interesting, colour me intrigued.

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Sounds cool, So anyone can make a faction surely there will be just loads of small factions running around?

Then those small factions unite to destroy a bigger faction, and after doing so, they return to be enemies with each other. Think it like the Greek City-states during ancient history.

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Sounds cool, So anyone can make a faction surely there will be just loads of small factions running around?

Small factions can only claim limited terrain. Plus you end up being obliterated if a bigger faction decides it wants to fuck you up (unless you decide to hid in an impenetrable tower).

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