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Unfair Mute by Sandro


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This Weedsaurus or whatever this annoying kid's name is keeps provoking me even when I never talk to him, his soyboy friend Sandro muted me for responding to that weed guy calling me 'Gay'. 

The reason was that I 'insulted' the family, which I did not really. I just said "Your mother", and later added "is a very good person". How is that even an insult compared to what the Weed kid said earlier?

I have screeshot the conversation from the Discord Server. I don't want anyone to be muted or banned, but these mutes over dumb reasons annoy me. 




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16 hours ago, helloCREEP said:

I don't give a damn lol. I got a permanent banned a few days ago as someone got triggered when I called a Kmzer in SH a 'Jihadi'. 

It is not the only reason, but it is one of the reasons. Learn how to show respect. I don't want people like you in this community. You are not welcome at all.

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