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Did Kash aka Grander should be unbanned?

Did Kash aka Grander should be unbanned?  

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  1. 1. Did Kash aka Grander should be unbanned? Please for only true votes. :)

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I'm not planning to play MTA for a while, so I will pass this vote.

However, before you vote (not like this vote will change anything at all), take a look at these topics (these aren't even all the reports about him):












+ I highly recommend to read the first comment of this thread: 


(Topic is 3 years old, but still accurate with his behavior before his recent ban.)

And if he gets unbanned somehow, take a look at my personal experience about him:

-Always thinking that he is better than anyone (not only in-game (!))

-Highly provocative behavior ("onion" term, provocative use of the /lol command, makes annoying comments when he wins or rams someone.)

-Provocative use of ramming (which made a lot of players hating him).

-Thinks that if he rams/blocks is okay, but when others do the same (mostly because the negative respect he earned), he captures it, and uploads it, and sometimes even reports it to the forums (which made many players being punished without reason.)

-Racist comments (Sometimes he made racism-induced comments to Hungarian, Turkish and Indonesian player(s))

-Buying the same map/ maps over and over again if he wins ---> people got bored of it over the time, and player amount usually decreases if he buys something.

-Childish mindset (can't take negative comments, not even the smallest dose; loves annoying anyone)

-Making fake friendship with admins/mods with the purpose of getting advantage of the "friendship". Most famous case is his friendship with MoshPit, when basically he wasn't punished for like 1 year (or he only got smaller punishments while his behavior was terrible.). I even got banned because of his bullshit, since I commented about his behavior on forums, because he was very annoying; then Jap decided to ban him for like 150 days; for the exchange of it, Moshpit revengebanned me, with the accusation that I'm no better than him. (not questioning that if he thought the same about him, then why didn't he banned him before.) (Another really toxic Polish player used this method, but that's offtopic.)

-Made several players being punished (in my case,even ban), because his annoying behavior. 

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1 hour ago, Gonzalezo said:

Maybe i wanna change? And he upload subjects from 3 years lol. I can put videos from 4 years ago with his blocking

When i reported u in March u send old videos too :D 


U cant change your brain. U got 2 perma but you couldnt change, so u got 3rd perma :risitas:


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