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Sandro's Administrator Application


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 Game: Mix & Race

 Age: 21

Country of origin: Albania

 Discord name **: Danger_She_Wrote    #2967

In-game name:Sandro

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: I  have been with Mr Green for around 8 years. I spend almost  8-10 hours  every day  on the servers, sometimes AFK but I check it through discord  and if I cannot do anything I talk to online  moderators/admins  to take action. I play every day  and  I’m trying my best to keep the balance of both servers  by punishing  insulters and many rulebreakers.  In this Pandemic situation  that everything is closed, I have more time to spend in this server by monitoring my activity 24/7 . This means that I can help in doing  the occasional server admin things, you know mutting spammers , banning cheaters etc. I know  how all that works and in the past  I have shown  that I used  those powers only when needed. I usually play more during night time , when most of admins are  away and  there are some times when new players join and don't know how to register + there are those naughty players who change their name to insult the others and mute command  can't do anything  for them.

P.S. -GK doesn't make you a bad person 

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1 hour ago, HITMAN25 said:

i want to know the number of fair decision sandro made till now. other than that i really dont like him

Every thing i did for mrgreen is for good  i don't tolerate none.  I don't want to gain  powers to use them for my advantages but to use them when needed   and don't liking me is kinda personal i think  this is how i see it,  thank you for your opinion 

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