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Military Admin Application


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Game: Multi Theft Auto

Server: Race and Mix 

Age: 24 (May 1996)

Country of origin: Belarus

Discord name **: Military#6983

In-game name: Military

Hello everybody! My name is Oleg and i'm from Belarus, you might heard about this country. I play on Mr.Green for 10 years already and applying this app would be the great present for anniversary XD

As an oldtimer i know how the things here works or how they shouldn't work. I love this place and want to keep it cozy and comfortable. I can also control russian speaking part of community because it's a big one and has too much specific guys. 

And in the end, i guess you know a lot about me and what person i am. 

Sincerely yours, Military.

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@V4POR a big part? If this were the case, I wouldn't have 50 maps on the server. Those who do not like my maps cannot even be among the best racing players. Look, I will write one by one and tell you their order. 9-clementine. 32-military. 42-alone. 55-Nick_026. 70-earnhardt. 91- hedgehog. They are the only ones who say my maps are bad. I couldn't even find you on the list: D you think everyone hates my maps because you shouted so much, but it is not. It never exceeds 10 people in total.

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GL Milli!! :D

@Dubby i dont understand why for example Besiktas 2 even got declined as RTF map? Did you even tried it once? :bad: This map is fun af. Sadly, not all understand the art behind Teslas maps. The fatality began when Nostral became obsessed with his maps and therefore Tesla maps generally gained negative attention. Injustified. Because before, i never heard any negative feedback about his maps. :N

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