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Top/least favourite race mappers [BETA]


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I've planning this list since a long time ago,and now I'm decided that I will share it with you.

This list is only in beta status,because there are many maps and mappers,so I may forget some of them.
DISCLAIMER:This list is based on my personal opinion and experience.

Let's start with my favourite mappers:

Honourable mentions:
RedAngel:There is 1 known map of him (idk the name, but it's a long map,and you can earn an achievement if you finish it),but that map is amazing and has some variety.
Haxardous:Quite recent mapper,but he has great stuff,pure race maps with awesome lines.
Nitronica:He is famous from his coaster maps,I mentioned him because he has some good,energetic maps with nice music.
Alenator:He made awesome CoreMarker maps,and his other maps are also good.
BinSlayer:There is one reason that he deserves at least a mention:he invented a new gamemode called NTS,with his map Never The Same.

This guy hasn't made much maps,probably just 3,but all of them are magnific.They are unusual,he had some ideas that I haven't seen at any other mappers.He likes to make tricky stuff, especially at the KekhardZ map,but he does it in a good way,so he definitely deserves a spot on the list.

2 legends from the old times.I especially like Csena's custom circuit maps (CircuitISH) etc.,they were really creative and they even made some custom objects.Most of their maps have good quality,however there are some that I just don't like.Csena even made a nice teamfight map, but it's barely functional because most of the players choose that faction which has better chance for top1.

Fuck only made 3 maps,but I wish it could be more.All 3 maps are really cool, especially the Same,same but different series.Those 2 maps have one of the best race lines ever in mrgreen,and they also contain shortcuts which are not that hard,but you still need skill to perform perfectly+they are tricky a bit.

These 2 dudes are crazy,but in a good way.Aleks invited CoreMarkers,which was a groundbreaking feature and people oftenly buy his and also Stroth's maps because the fun factor.Both of them has tons of maps,so I can barely mention one,however most of them are really good.After many years,Aleks added new markers,which makes it more crazy than ever(just don't add back the kamikaze item).Stroth also used CoreMarkers in some of his maps,and he made them even more creative,for example Bus Simulator (favourite of Ras) or M&M's.

The good old Yoshi maps.Race players know them really well,there are people who like it,and people who hate it.But you can say that he is one of the most creative mappers in MrGreen.He made almost all kind of maps,and he put a lot of effort to his creations.There are some maps that I don't like from him (Green Island series,Chase the checkpoint etc.),BUT lots of his maps are just brilliant.No other person would make such unique lines as Yoshi did.His stuff is crazy and tricky,but that's why some players loves him (Kool particularly).Yoshi and his maps will surely stay as an important gem of MrGreen history.

Zhyll is more like a personal favourite.This guy loves barrels, which adds an adrenaline factor on some of his maps.They could also be fustrating,but I still like his style.He doesn't have much maps,I hope that he will made new ones soon.

Zole's name is familiar for almost every race player.He is that guy who made a lot of maps back then and created legendary maps just like Royal Flush.Zole both made pure race and circuit maps,he was successful at both styles, they've made it to every
main race server,so his maps became "evergreen" and a keystone of MTA maps.

3.CW mappers
They are the people who keep pure race maps alive.Only a few guys are in this club,but for a reason.Clan war maps have to be well-constructed,exciting,varied and challenging.Not everyone is capable for making such stuff like these kind of maps,so I have a big respect for those who make them.Clan war maps are not easy,of course not,they are made for a tournament,however every cw map is different and has its own unique line.These are big words because every single CW contains 10 new maps with 10 different vehicles.So if you want to be a CW mapper,you have to be as creative as you can.CW mappers only make smooth race maps,but they are highly-respected in the mapper community.

Magnifique! That's the word which describes pondfiller's works and with a reason of course.All of his maps are full of challenge,adrenaline,creativity and not the last,craziness.There isn't a single moment on his maps when you can relax,they are full with traps,unpredictable corners and barrels.Imagine the map style of fuck,Hardstylerz and Zhyll,but combined!And you got pondfiller.When people play a pondfiller map on the server,there is a high chance for the map getting revoted which is really rare,because most of players only revote fun maps.He even made a short map,but that map is also challenging and tricky,so it's not about the fps count.If there is a word named "mapper genius",pondfiller might be a perfect example.But there is one (actually two) guy(s) who even surpassed pondfiller...

...Here they are!Most players recognize them,because they made tons of maps and map series.And that's not all!Every single piece of their maps are golden.The lines,the variety,the creativity..they are good at all of the elements which a mapper needs.Every Reiko map are enjoyable,and with full of shortcuts and tricks,so even toptime hunters are a fan of them.They've made pure race maps,circuit maps,offroad maps,and such unique maps like Antz Racing.If you look and play their maps,you can tell that these pieces were made with devotion,altruism and joy.Reiko never runs out of ideas,he always comes up with something new.Just take a look at his map series,he made a lots of them based on sport cars,colours and even in-game sponsors.
His circuit maps are also a masterpiece..all of them are different and I don't just mean with the lines..most of them have different themes (Waterfall Circuit,Botanic Garden,Pyramid Circuit etc.) which add a plus point to their already perfect maps.
Reiko and Gneis are the guys that every mapper needs to be.Mappers don't have to make maps similar to their,the most important thing is the mentality itself.



Now you saw my favourite mappers..but that's not the end.If we are talking about mappers,we shouldn't miss those,whose creations were the opposite of the guys before.

I definitely not enjoyed most (or all) of their maps and I need to mention them also.
So here are my least favourite mappers:


Honourable mentions:
Mechanic:He made custom circuit maps with modded vehicles and even added damage mechanism on some of his maps.But he forgot one thing:amusement.When I play his maps,the minutes feel like hours,they are just so generic.The modded vehicle's control is awful,and the track is too narrow.He put invisible walls,so you can't even find an excitement by taking a shortcut.
MoshPit:There are players who like his maps,but I'm not that kind of player.He has some mapping skills (his maps contain design and scripts),but I just cannot enjoy them.For example try to climb a steep hill when every kind of shit fall down to your face,and if something hits you,you need to start again from the bottom.So they're annoying and fustrating instead of entertaining.However,there are exceptions,his cop map and the speed-up map is kinda good.
Creator of "Ich bin expert":I dont know who is responsible of that "thing" (I think it's koolaid),but we're lucky that he hasn't made other maps,and unlucky because he left this trash to annoy us.Seriously,what's the point of this?I would call it a barrel map but it's totally unenjoyable.Almost every checkpoint hide a trap behind,and you can't avoid them even if you know the map well.And it's long as hell,so it reduces the already low chance to finish it.Only a few players like this map,and the reason is that they earned a toptime between 1 and 10.
Military:One reason to mention him:horrible short maps.While pondfiller has a good short map called ShittyShit,Military's short maps are just generic,annoying and some of them are more like a fps race.
qRew:He is a mix mapper,I wouldn't mention him,but he made a mistake:uploaded Antidepressant to the race server.

She is just lack of mapping skills,I don't like any  map by her.The race maps are not entertaining, the lines are horrible, she made one with CoreMarkers,but it also flopped which is unusual with map containing these items.She even tried with a trial map,but I think you guess it:that one was also bad,most boring of its kind.

I know that I have to respect him,because he was the former owner of the server.I mean I have the respect,I don't have any problems with him,however he shouldn't made maps back then.His map "OMGWTFBBQ" is just a piece of mishmash with random elements.But one bad map is not a reason for number 9 spot.He is also responsible for a circle map which is probably the most boring map of MrGreen.All you had to do is press W and A or D (depending which direction you go).And it lasts for 3 (!) minutes.He made an update with adding Hunter,but it doesn't make it better.It just makes it annoying and boring,instead of just boring.You would rather play with the Hunter,so it completely loses the Race map title.

Let's head to the next one,Yoyo.If you pressed W for 5 minutes straight,it means that you played a Yoyo map.His maps contains 2 parts:annoying and boring.They seem like empty,and also lacks of variety.Yoyo maps are kinda long too, you just can't wait to finish them if you play them.Or just pressing "B" and take a break:I swear,these maps are ideal for it!His maps are so boring, that I cannot write anything else about them.

Ka4a's case is such a misfortune.He puts lots of efforts to his maps by making custom items,custom skybox,custom vehicles and scripts.His designing skills are also great,just look at his map "Vice City Bullet".But what did he do wrong?Well,he forgot one thing at lots of his maps:the entertainment factor.These maps are boring or just don't have fun when you play them.They also have a size of a lot Mb's,and the fps is reduced when you play them,which makes players hate the mapper himself.He made several map series,I mention one of them, the Ship Rider-series.His coaster maps are also sleep inducing.It contains so many maps,but I cannot make a difference between them,they are so generic and boring.However,I love his high-speed maps,they are just great.So Ka4a,please test your maps before you publish them.Making modded stuff doesn't always mean that the map will be good.

6.(O)_(O) (Face)
When I see his name at the author section,I know that map will suck.His creations are generic as hell,he always choosed shitty lines, definitely a torture to play his maps.He literally just put a wall around the route and he named it "circuit".Just an example how awful was his mapper career.He is also responsible for that piece of shit called "promap". The name makes an illusion,you think that you're a pro if you finish that crap (or just the fact that you bought it),and a noob if you can't finish it or get stucked.But I tell you,there is nothing pro about this trash,it only contains random shitty elements,so better to avoid it.People only buy it for trolling others because this shit is insanely long,so it makes the player count drop.Buying a map for trolling is losing a sense of being a map.

Dziny is quite a recent decision about this list, but I have to include him.Stating a fact that his former maps got deleted and his newer maps got declined by Mosh,you won't expect anything good.The guy (or kid) has zero mapping skills,I think he doesn't even know what he wants with these "maps".I remember when his maps were uploaded,but damn,they were so horrible and broken,that they got deleted.I kinda forgot about him,but somehow one of his maps got accepted to the race server in the last few weeks.The map Break 300 Glass looks like a first attempt,and it has no sense,it contains 3 glasses ,it's 24 seconds long and that's it.

Buurman only made 2 maps,but these two are straight from hell.The map "TryHarder" is one of the worst maps I've ever seen.It's completely random when you perform the first stunt successfully.The other parts are also terrible,you will give up and rage when you play this crap, and just look at the name.The author laughs at your face and mocks you like:"You suck,try harder,but you won't make it anyways!"An another mystery is how was this accepted?His other map "Move it,motherfucker!" is also a piece of shit,it's literally unplayable.

We arrived to this point.When bad maps come to an other dimension.Tesla started making maps around one year ago,and I became a hater inmediately,when he published his first map,"climb up".His maps are really hard and a challenge,but Tesla focused to make the map ideal for earning a top1 to himself.Some maps are cool (for example "race-canal"), but most of his maps are horrible and fustrating as hell.They only make you rage while Tesla is making tops easily for himself.Maps are supposed to be fun, and not fustrating.Looks like this rule has been forgotten because every Tesla map has been made it to the server.He puts the "race" word at every map that he made,however they have  nothing to do with race.And he even calls you a noob if you don't like his maps which adds a plus point.However...Tesla is actually a good mapper compared to those 2...

The evil of mappers,Hulpje himself.What this guy has been done,there is no forgiveness,...just imagine how his maps ruined many people's gameplay.He gave birth to many unplayable,terrible maps.He also made I wanna find my destiny,which officially my most hated and worst map (or map series) on the server.That's the main reason I put him on the number 2. spot.This guy doesn't know the difference between hard and fustrating.Or maybe he knows,and he just wanted to mess with us.He remains one of the worst mappers of all time at both possibilities.He also made horrible fly and non-sense maps.The sad thing is that admins like his stuff,and even the trashbag called "I wanna find my destiny 3" got reuploaded,so you can enjoy all parts of the shitology.But you may ask,if I hate him that much,how is he only number 2?Well,you will see...

Players who know me already guessed it.I choose him to the number 1 spot.Maybe his maps are not as fustrating as Hulpje's ones,but he earned no.1 with one main reason:the amount.He just made so many shitty,awful maps,there is no excuse for that.He made lots of kind of maps,but he sucked all of them.Most of his maps are just like they were made by Random Map Generator.When you play his maps,it feels like a torture.And you come across them really often!The lines,the vehicle selection,the style,the amusement
..he messed everything up and made tons of shitty maps.Most of them are still online,due to the fact that they're "classics".For real?Royal Flush,R4GE,Wu Zi Mu,probably Hell Choose Me,these are the classics, but not those pieces or trash.At least 90% of players think that Pachanga maps suck, which tells a lot.He may has 3 or 4 good or less shitty maps, but compare it to around 150 shitty ones.He has a special skill:when he actually has a good idea,he mess it up with shitty parts,most of them are plane,helicopter or boat parts.
So,he's my least favourite mapper.


You can also share your favourite and less favourite mappers if you want.

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I do think that race needs to reduce the number off maps, but where to start? There are classic maps with bad rating that should never be removed. Such as "ich bin expert" and some pachanga maps. But we could get rid of some pachanga maps too. Right now i dont really have time to be going through and deleteing maps.

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TryHarder-huge dislike ratio, unplayable,and I think not even a single soul likes it.

I wanna find my destiny maps-First 3 maps to clean up.They just don't belong to the race server.Or remove the one touch you die bullshit.

Ywa's circle map with bike-Insanely boring


Yoyo maps-Trash

That's good for start.

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