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Mr.Green 15th Anniversary


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Hello everyone, on 16th of Sep Mr. Green will complete its 15th anniversary. Therefore, we will have some few discounts regarding GCs donation and VIP donations. Also there will be double GCs rewards. As well as, there will be map events like we used to do in the past. Also I will be giving away 15 days of VIP to everyone who reply to this topic with "GIVEME MY DAMN VIP" :D 

Starting from the 13th of Sep till 19th of Sep. We will have VIP and GCs donations discount. The new rates will be during that time are:

  • For GCs donation. Every €1 = 1500 GCs
  • For VIP donation. Every €1 = 5 days and 500 GCs

If you are incapable of donation. On 16th of Sep from 00:00 till 23:59 (1 whole day). There will be Double GCs reward in-game. Be sure to  be there if you are lacking GCs.

Map event will be held as well at 19:00 on the 16th of Sep. Follow the format below and request your map to be played. Only 2 maps per player are allowed.

  • Name: 
  • Maps requested:

Have fun everyone and enjoy! Thanks for being part of this community till today!

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